Sunday, May 10, 2009

Quick Update!

We are so busy with wedding plans. They are coming along but they are sure keeping us busy. We are so excited for the day. Ryan won't let me forget how many days away we are (just so you know...3o is where we are at here on this Mother's Day)!!! My life is trying to find normal but it is taking time. But what is normal when you are planning for the biggest day in your life and it won't be normal after that to plan for that sort of event!?! I wanted to give a shout out to my wonderful mother tonight. I made it all the way through the day which I thought was going to be hard. I am so thankful for the gospel we have. I know without a doubt that I can still be with her and that she is always with me no matter what. She has an influence in what I do in my life and I am so grateful that I have that knowledge. I love you so much, MOM! I miss you terribly as does everyone else. (But not as much as I do :) ) Happy Mother's Day!!!! You are wonderful!

That's all for our update....oh watch out for announcements in the mail. If I have your address, they should be out this weekend!!!! YAY!!!!
Love to all!