Tuesday, February 24, 2009

4 Months of Dating...3 1/2 months till wedding!

Today we are celebrating 4 months since we started dating! Time flies! We attended the Draper Open House officially and enjoyed every minute of it. We even got to listen to my seminary teacher play at the church afterwards. Bro. McDonald was amazing! What a way to top off the tour!!! I say we attended it officially because Ryan and I got to clean the temple a couple of weeks ago and take our own self-guided tour. That was neat to do together but he had/has the advantage over me because I haven't been through the temple yet. But it still was a neat experience both times. I am so excited for June 10 to get here so we can go through that temple together! I am so excited for our lives together! The Draper Temple is our place to go and enjoy being together even if right now it's inside the car in the parking lot. This temple will be our temple and I am so excited!!!

Family Night at the Bartlett's

Ryan and I went to Amanda and Shawn's for dinner and family night. First Ryan had to go to his single's ward family night, then he joined us. We had cooked mac n cheese and brownies and he stole them out the kitchen window and didn't say anything. He came running in and greeted me with a huge kiss. When Amanda went to serve the food, it wasn't there. We reacted to that and he didn't react. Then I realized that he had taken the food. We all called him names. We teased him for a while. Then we sent him out to the car and he had the food.
This is him after we found out. So we had him do it again for pictures! What a funny guy!


My family bought Celine Dion tickets for Christmas in 2007. She cancelled her concert because of sickness in November 2008. So Sunday night we attended the concert which was electrifying! We had so much fun! We were sad it was on a Sunday night but when you have had the tickets for a year and she's your favorite, you gotta go! We had fun! Thanks dad for the tickets! It was awesome!!!