Friday, January 13, 2012

One Day More...

So I am finding joy in the things I used to love. Like reading...I read this great book called "The Message" by Lance Richardson. It was a great read and quick and easy. Gave me new light and ideas of life in the hereafter. I am now reading "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" by Betty Smith. I am excited to get in it.
Another thing I am rediscovering is my love for the music from "Les Miserables". We got the 25th anniversary Blu-ray for Christmas and totally love it. It includes encores with the original cast from 1986. Here is my favorite clip:

One Day More with the original cast!
Those are just some of my new things I love!

Next post will be about Ryan and his new job!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Years Disney Style!

For the New Year, we went to Disneyland. A once in a lifetime thing. We went because we have an annual passport to the park. We enjoyed our time down there with the record breaking crowd! We saw what we wanted to and enjoyed an extra treat at Goofy's Kitchen for dinner on Dec. 30 from Dad! It was tons of fun! The park was still decorated for the Holidays so it was fun to be there with Christmas still around. About an hour and a half before midnight hit on New Years Eve, the fog settled in to so there was no sight of fireworks but sounds of them were nice! Here are some highlights:

We got to ride this twice in the same sitting in the same day...once at the time pictured above and then after midnight when the park became a ghost town!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


We've had a great Christmas season! We have most enjoyed just being together. We have been busy as can be but have had tons of fun.
This is us at the 144th ASMC Christmas Banquet. We had tons of fun being with friends!
After Chris' concert at Temple Square
At the Joseph Smith Building with the Bartlett's
Ryan's nephew loved our train under our tree and dragged Ryan to see it with him. It was adorable.
Temple Square with the Olsen's. Brittney and I went to UVU together.
These were made into neighbor gifts. (Place in 300 degree oven for 3 min then cover with another pretzel) DELICIOUS!!!
For our family for Christmas I made them all a journal that they can fill in about their history.
We were playing games all night with the Gustafson's and this kind of catches all the excitement of the end of the quarter game. We were really competitive by the end. It was a GREAT amount of fun for everyone!
Ryan's gift Christmas morning
Ryan gave me this necklace because our hearts are entwined with each other.
After a wonderful sacrament meeting at church, we went to see Grandma, Grandpa and Mom. Each year is still hard but we relish in the memories they left us. We then went to Dad's house and opened gifts with them. Then went and visited the Reneer's for a little bit too.
Christmas was good to us. We got some things we needed and some fun gifts. Thank you to all our family for a great holiday!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What's new in our life...

We have been so busy lately that I haven't been able to blog...that is a new year's resolution for next year. I will just include our Christmas card and you can see how busy we are...I do have other pictures to share and will get them up soon.
Here is our letter that was included in our card:

December 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

It has been quite a year for us! We have done a lot and enjoyed the year being together.

In January, Elise started her student teaching at Copperview Elementary in a 6th grade classroom. She had so much fun with her class. She learned a lot and had great students to work with. They were a great support for Elise as the deployment wrapped up in Afghanistan for Ryan.

March 20, 2011 marked one year to the day since Ryan left for Afghanistan. It was an exciting day for us…he was finally coming home! The neighbors put up flags on our street—way cool to see! Elise made a banner, got flags for everyone, and a friend came to take pictures so that nothing was missed! Ryan said that the flight was long but Elise thinks that waiting at the airport for 1½ hours or more for the plane to come was longer. When the plane landed and the flag came out of the cockpit, cheers went up like no other! Elise, of course, was crying and couldn’t stand still. This was the moment we had waited for for 9 months! (That’s how long it had been since we’d been together for leave.) When the door opened on the plane, even louder cheers came out of everyone there. The soldiers then filed out of the plane. Ryan finally came out with tears in his eyes. When we finally got to hug, it was the BEST hug ever! We just held each other. Newpapers were taking pictures, family was taking pictures, and tears were flowing all around. It was the best moment of the year!

Shortly after Ryan got home, Elise graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. The very next day we headed off to HAWAII!!! (This was our first vacation that Ryan didn’t have to go anywhere when we got home.) We enjoyed the military discounts there and stayed in a cabin right on a private beach! We took pictures on the beach with a photographer, saw Pearl Harbor, the Laie Temple, went to the Polynesian Cultural Center, enjoyed the local shops, and luaus. We had so much fun but sadly never saw a sunset there. It rained cats and dogs at some point almost every day! The Hawaiians felt bad for us and apologized for the weather but we told them that it was okay because we had left 8” of snow in our yard back home. We enjoyed our time there and hope to be able to go again!

The rest of the year has just flown by! Here are some of our highlights.

We went with Elise’s family to Yellowstone in June. It was Ryan’s first time and he thoroughly enjoyed it! Ryan participated in the Centerville parade, we went to Stadium of Fire, saw the Tabernacle choir, and ran in the Freedom Run in Provo all over the 4th of July weekend. Then, of course, in true Gustafson fashion, we all went to Disney World in August. We had a lot of fun and created many memories along the way! We then went to see Josh Groban in Vegas which was a fun quick overnight getaway. We also went to Disneyland in October for a couple of days. What can we say…we love Disney!

Elise is now the secretary for the Family Readiness Group for Ryan’s unit. She also has set out on a home business selling Paparazzi Jewelry from our home. Ryan has been on the job hunt and works for his unit out at Camp Williams when they need extra help.

We are so grateful for many things this year: great memories, family, friends, the Gospel, our Savior, and those who are serving over seas so that we can be together and celebrate. Please keep those serving in your prayers. We hope that you had a great year and wish you the best for the coming year!

Love always,

Ryan and Elise Reneer

Photo credits: Top: Rachael Nelson (homecoming), Middle: Conrad Prusse (Hawaii), Bottom: Elyssa Gustafson

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New job!

I am going to start selling jewelry for $5 from a company called Paparazzi. Check out my Facebook page-Paparazzi by Elise. Find it on my profile or on my status'. If you would like to host a party just leave a comment here or on my facebook page!

Disney World!

Ryan and I went with my family to Walt Disney World for 12 days! We had this planned for 8 months and it was finally here. We had a crazy start to this vacation! Dad was working the night before on Amtrak and the train was looking late...not good for an early flight. Well we got to the airport on time and Dad missed the plane. The train was too late. He had to end up taking a later flight. When we got to Florida, Dad had us get a shuttle to the hotel so we didn't have to sit in the airport for 6 hours waiting for him. The shuttle needs it's own post but in the short-the ride was the scariest of my life. It was pouring rain, he was drifting, and left the car on while getting gas. Let's just say Elaura was REALLY scared. We got to the hotel and got our room. Dad called us from his first class upgrade and said he was on his way finally. We got dinner and hung out because we didn't have a car to anywhere. Dad got to the hotel around 1 AM. The next days we spent them going everywhere at Disney World. We bought annual passes for both Disney Parks-Disneyland and Disney World. We went to the water parks and all the other ones in between. We had so much fun! It was just WAY too humid for my likings. We enjoyed every minute. Oh did I tell you that it rained like crazy a couple of the days. We just put on our ponchos and went at it. We were just soaked from knees down including our shoes and socks. We had so many pictures taken there and so I will only choose a few. To see more, come on over and see my new adventure!

This is the Sand Pail we bought at Typhoon Lagoon! It's full of ice cream and all the toppings. We ended up buying 2 to feed all 7 of us! It was so fun!
There are just too many pictures to post them all here! Just some of our highlights!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Ryan and I went with the family to Disney World for 12 days! It was so much fun but VERY humid. We did everything there. I have TONS of pictures to go through and pick out the ones that I want to post. Between me, Izzy and Ryan we have tons of pictures! As I was thinking about the pictures, I decided to find a Disney background and found a few but this one was the best for now! I am excited to show all the pictures and fun we had! Chris is also creating a music video of our trip. He took video coverage and hoping that as soon as he has time to sit and do it that I get to post it! This weekend Ryan and I are headed to Josh Groban in Vegas! It's a quick overnight trip but we are excited! Post more later!