Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I was able to go see Ryan a couple of weeks ago. He got a 4 day pass and we were able to spend that time together before he departed for Afghanistan. We did all the Seattle highlights and enjoyed them all. We also just relaxed as that is a big part of why I went to see him. I needed to get away so we enjoyed relaxing together and just being with each other before being separated for more than 6 months. These are just some of the highlights of our trip. We are so grateful we got this weekend together. It really has helped but then the second goodbye we gave Monday night was even harder. That was so extremely hard especially because we knew that the next time we would see each other in person would be more than 6 months. I love him so much and I hope that the time flies faster than any of us think.

Our first of 3 different reunions! Oh I was so glad to see him. My face was was his!

I got us these bracelets in San Francisco. He wears my name and I wear his name. Green is so that he can wear it and I have blue-his favorite color and yellow is the symbol of homecoming.

Life size table and chairs....Ryan get out from underneath the table! He thought it was funny he could fit underneath! Lots of laughing!

Atop the Space Needle before and during sunset. I have the most romantic husband...I love him!

The Seattle Temple...spent a nice hour in the Celestial Room with my eternal companion!

We decided Saturday night we would have a picnic and watch our favorite TV shows!
Pizza, Army Wives, CSI Miami

This is us at our private picnic!

Pike Place Market

These are the flowers Ryan wanted to buy me but I couldn't bring them home. :(
(From Pikes Place Market)

This on the harbor cruise, our last hours together!

I am sorry the text is out of order...if anyone has any secrets to help me do this so that it would work out better, let me know. I hope you are able to figure out what goes where. I am so sorry....hope to improve as time goes.

Friday, April 9, 2010

My Countdown Calendar...

I made a countdown calendar to when Ryan comes home and I finally finished it. The red days are 300, 200, 100 and the last 10 before he comes home! It will stay there permanently till he is home! We are down to 344 days till he comes home!