Tuesday, October 27, 2009

8 Months...

I just wanted to pay tribute to my mom taken by a horrific event 8 months ago. I miss her so much and can't believe that it has been that long ago. Time just keeps going and it doesn't stop. My life just keeps me extremely busy and it's a nice thing. I am surviving with my head above water. I am grateful for all the support I receive from all of you.
A happier note...I received an award in the last couple of weeks that I forgot to mention earlier. I became the Employee of the Month at Sweet Tomatoes. It came unexpected and was such an honor. It's one of the those times that when I sit quietly I can remember my mom and her excitement most of you know about. It's so nice to remember how she was so excited for things I received throughout my life. I miss her and look forward to the day I get to see her again!