Thursday, June 2, 2011

Laie Temple and PCC

Day 5
We got up early and went to the temple. Oh my gosh is it GORGEOUS!!! We attended a session and I am so glad we did! We really enjoyed the beauty of the temple. After we came out, I was able to see my roommate Becca Haws and catch up with her quickly. She moved there to go to school. We just really enjoyed the beauty of the temple. We then had lunch at McDonald's and then walked into the Polynesian Cultural Center. Oh my it is the Disneyland of Hawaii. We barely got to see most of everything we wanted to see. We just had so much fun enjoying all the culture. We had tons and tons of pictures by the time we were done. We went to the luau and enjoyed the food and then went to the show. Loved it all! But next time, we are not doing Pearl Harbor and the PCC back to back because we were past exhausted.

Pearl Harbor

Day 4
We went to Pearl Harbor on about our only sunny day! It was such a neat experience to be there with Ryan. We met 4 survivors who were just the sweetest men there. This day wasn't about fun, it was remembering our military family and honoring them. It was a very good experience that really got to me and especially to Ryan. The video we saw really got to me but I am so glad that I was able to honor those and see history for myself. We also saw the USS Utah. We then went over to the USS Missouri where the peace treaty for World War II was signed. It is the last battleship the US has that is now retired. We took an Ipod tour that was so incredible. By the time we saw all of Pearl Harbor, we were worn out. What a neat day though. We really enjoyed it.

Day 2 and 3 Hawaii

I have had a hard time with blogger and decided when I was able to get it working again, I would just hurry and post our trip as fast as I can. So I will just hurry and list our details for day 2 of Hawaii.
Day 2 we went to the ITR at Schofield Barracks to get our great discounts on the activities we chose to do on the island. Then we went back to our room looking for beach time. Well we found this instead.

We hadn't seen rain like that in a long time! We had so much fun playing in the rain and being soaking wet. I tried uploading the video but it wasn't working. But these pictures say it all! We ended up staying in the rest of the night and watch history unfold as we all found out the Osama Bin Laden had been killed.

Day 3 highlights:
  • Beach outside our room-got sunburned but am loving the tan!
  • Kualoa Ranch-took 2 tours there-Hawaiian Fishpond and Garden Tour and Movie Site and Ranch Tour

Some movies made there are 50 First Dates, Mighty Joe Young, Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Pearl Harbor, George of the Jungle, Lost, and Tears of the Sun are the ones we knew of. You will see some of the signs in the pictures below of some of the famous spots we stood in.
After the tours, there was a luau that ended up being so intimate because there were only 6 people there including us! It was so much fun! I made a plumeria flower clip for both of us (they told me to make one for Ryan!) and then we made a fish out of the green leaves. Did you know that if you are going to wear the flower that it says something depending on the side you wear it? The right means you are still looking and the left means you are taken or married. The food was delicious and we had so much fun! Ryan went up during the show and did the martial art they were teaching. Here's the video:

We got back to our room a little late but it was well worth it!